Tuesday, March 24, 2009


yesterday the word kidnapped suddenly dawned on me and i have come up with a wholeee new meaning to what it actually means ... no it doesn't mean "taking someone hostage for money".blaah blaaahhhh ......... i think it actually means ,u r kid napped through out its childhood ... i know i know the explanation is lame and u r laughing .. but seriously .. each time i look at my colony kids .. and my friend's siblings .. i wonder what has childhood come to . i would give my left arm to be able to run and play hide and seek like old times (with not much to worry about )... i would love to be able to play in the mud and slide (without people thinking i am vague)... i would love to play pittu and have moon light dinners and not worry about what people would say if i was in a boys team .. and why we were all sharing foood from a tiffin .... what has childhood come to ... why dont we see parks which are full in the evening? .. why don't we see kids play chor police and chocolate box? .. why do they need to follow a time table even out of school? ... some mothers say oh ya now she has piano lesson and then karate and then this and then that .... and i always think ... that kid will know an instrument but he wouldnt have ever sat on a lawn and made funny noises with chappals ... he would've never heard the sound of thighs rubbing against the slide when you wore shorts ... he will never no the taste of mud ... or no how pepsi candy from the cart tastes ... he wont have friends who would teach him the roman rings or how to hang upside down .. and aim at the stones ... he would've never played LONDON STATUE .....its funny but most of the time ,parents come up with answers like i want him to be an all rounder .. he should do well in life so on and so forth ...... i think its stupid . its not like we all are not doing well .. its not like we aren't all rounders(in every sense of the word :P)..... i believe and stand true to the fact that what my childhood taught me was so much more than what schools teach now .... it doesn't matter if a kid excels in math if he cant share .. if he cant be a sport when they gang up against him .. if he cant get up .. dust off and run again when playing a game .... .. if its anything i am grateful to my parents for .. it is this .. it is for not letting me have napped through out my childhood .. for letting me run .. get dirty .. make friends ... cry for them .. learn lessons .. and share ....... i sure have never been KID NAPPED .....aurevoir

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ollllii kutttykaal sudarshan

yes thats ollies full name ..........
he came home ten days before my birthday and he fit in my dads hand .. he has till now been the best gift i have gotten for my birthday .... ollie has been with us 9 years now .. he has seen us shift homes .. he has seen me grow .. but still he thinks i am one small girl he can run behind :)...... he is a taurean at heart and is soooo a tamilian .... heheheh everytime my grandma comes home and talks to him in tamil he always knows what she is saying .. or everytime mum screams at him he completely understands her ....... ...... ollie isnt the friendliest dog you will meet and we dont need him to be .. because when we have needed him he has always been there, when i really needed to laugh .. i have gotten the most comforting licks from him ... i have been woken up with a cold nose near my face ... he thinks my dad is GOD ...........he can make u giggle when u see him run sideways .. or when he goes and hides under a bed sheet(with his tail still sticking out) and makes you find him .... he will bark in numbers .. he shares my love for curds .... he stays up and waits for mom to come when she has gone for a late night operation ....he has his own tweety blanet and he is the warmest thing to hug in winters ..... so this is to all those people who have thought ollie was weird .. he isnt .. he wasnt meant to like you and play with you ... he loves the people of the house ...... he enjoys spending time with them .. he has been with us through our ups and downs and always known how to make us smile by coming into the room and running out to go hide ...... you can call him a mouse and whatever else ........ somehoww .. i dont think ollie caress .. and i know now i dontt when i seee him sitting next to me as i type this and sayin "u go girl"..... anywayyyy thats all for now .. aurevoir