Wednesday, April 30, 2008


LAYALA KALEEZ...... if u have ever heard of HEAVEN
IS A PLACE ON EARTH ....welll this is where it is .... (if ur a loyolite reading ... ur gonna be like what ur friggin crazy ) say whatchu want to ... it ROCKS ...... why? ... why u ask? .. because ... ..1) 25s,i,j...are all the most crowded and noisiest buses that move on the face of the earth ....2) only a loyolite will know what IG statue actually means when u take a 25i/p on an exam day ..... 3) the watchman is the first person who will tell u to wear the ID card ( u will feel like a bloody dog )....4) the VP.. is the one person who will for sure Screw the ok mood u have been in .. first thing in the morning ..... 5) either u will be EXTREMELY early dat when u walk to the stationery the fellow wouldnt have come .... or u will be EXTREMELY late ...that u wont know where ur class is and u will be running in circles with F.X screaming his lungs off about u being an "deff fellow or a buffalo" :P :P :P yeah only we know how that feels .. hehehe .......6) the world best feeling is the fifteen minute break between every class ....7) only a loyolite knows what RO is .....8) u have to be in college to know how RESONANCE is the most high tension time for a faculty :P:P:P....... 9) one thing i am so sure of is the friends u make at this place become CHADDI BUDDIES ....for life .....10) the canteen doesnt have the best tasting fried rice and noodles but it is a LIFE SAVER when u dont get lunch .....11) the mass comm department will always be judged .. even if they r sitting quietly and meditating ...12) the campus is huge ..(i mean it!! we got a graveyard and a farm ...a graveyard in college .. now u no why we never get into trouble .... :P:P:P we cant risk it ..... :P:P:P).....13)the college day is the biggest function of the year :P:P:P ....14) there will be fifty fests of each faculty that will take place ...and no one else knows whats happening ....15) rituraj sapkota will be known to literally EVERYONE in college .......16) no one can beat father john's songs at any function ... u cant miss it ... its a treat to watch ....17) your the same roll no for 3 years .. 18) the girls will always wonder how the mizos can wear what they feel like .. and if we wear sleeveless we will get the LOOK ....19) ethnic day will feel like ur at a fashion show of Meena Bazar :P:P:P....20) everyone in college would've gone to the WELL atleast once ...21) no one has seen the college completely......22) the girls hostel is the most talked about place always .....23)..the KIOSK is always better than class ...24) most people dunno where the guys stay ..... 25) the best place to get some sleep(or message) is the seminar hall...... 26)..the parking lot becomes empty in the lunch ......27)... everyone is late once and the one hour wait feels like the longest u have ever waited ......28) most people know who veeraiah is ......29) no one has gone to the sports cell, the basketball court is just THERE.....30) no one knows the actual proper strength of the college.....31)aspire inspire and achieve ... we know wat it is
nothing not the distance , the judgement, the rules , the teachers .....nothin can change how a loyolite feels about college (they will say "thu this place is crap but deep near the aortal valves they all love the place "..sniff sniff .......... ) loyola ZINDABAD ....... ........ aurevoir ......

ok this is a late but much honoured addition to the post ...... what RITURAJ SAPKOTA FEELS about loyola ..... (ritu i pronounce ur name right all the time .... )

may I add a few? (add a few ritu .. few... u can add a dictionary if u want to :P:P.....)

1. Nobody knows why the boards that say Boys Hostel and Girls hostel point towards the jungle

2. People think our college is inside a jungle, they are wrong. The Jungle is inside our college!

3. I have said this on stage before- ours is the onlymens room in the world that does not have a graffiti- u wouldnt know about that though

4. One confession- it was 2 a.m n i was editing in the studio- someone left that womens room open. I went in there!!!!!(nature called,, besides gender doesnt matter at 2 in the morn) I like the big mirrors....

5. The only co-ed college where boys and girls arent supposed to talk!!!(we follow that to the T)

6. So much for all that-- Loyola's been a part of my life.. five full fledged F***ing years here--- Achievements, trophies, crushes. love gained, love lost, crushes died, learnt three languages, taught one (bad language), made friends, didnt make enemies (except for the GSD that barks at me when i leave studio piost midnight, even she i think has a deep seated love for me ),,, cant forget, cant forget, sniff sniff,

BLOGGINE BE ...I...... yipppeeee

So .. the whole world is blogging now and yours truly was always the nut reading everyones blogs and smiling if i knew what they were talking about .(believe it or not i DO know what they r talking about most of the time..*pat on back *)....who ever is reading this ( holy shit someone is reading my crap ??? sniff sniff i am famous... lol ..... )i am not a into the soul searching for my hearts deepest thoughts kinda writer ... and neither am i the absolutely funny ur sides hurt when u read it .. kinda writer .... oh oh but mind u .. i am not an ALSORAN ....... guess i am better than them .... i claim to be the BEST in my own head (the members of my head consist of ummmmm ME ... and .... yup ME) now i am blogging .... *claps* welcome to the blogging world ...... a few things u must know about me ( must because u dont have a choice ).....i dont punctuate(dats y the low english marks :P:P).... i hate show offs ..... i love LASSI... and i am not a very good writer (dats what u will say after u read moi blog).... oh and not the ambassador for positivity (for sure .. my pals will vouch for dat )......anywayy hope my blogging experience goes as well as it does for most ppl .... aurevoir ..........