Tuesday, April 21, 2015


He waited patiently every year, 
for a miracle in the form of rain. 
What came were just harsh winds and the scorching heat, 
his seeds wouldn't grow, again. 
What did he do to deserve this curse? 
His wife and children dragged into this barren hell,
their tears were running dry too,
as dry as the village well.
It will take an entire nation,
to get up and help them out,
about time we started to realise,
there are lives being lost due to the drought.
Another one drinks some poison,
his friend hangs from a tree,
have we ever thought of their plight?
When we ask for 5 apples at the price of three.
Let us remind ourselves everyday,
especially when food goes waste,
that a family struggles for your food,
somedays they forget how rice tastes.
Let us be considerate,
when we open a tap and let water run,
because there are people out there,
who died looking for water, under the burning sun