Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some random stupid facts :P

I dunno why I am calling them facts just needed to spice my blog a little :P dats why

• Hmmm ok don’t ever drink froooti after eating bondaa with oil loadedness :P… they both will taste bad

• Somehow the flow of buses that go to college seems most when u r in a CAR…(Murphy u r god :P)

• A boy who tells you ur hair looks good can mean two things .1 it looks good… 2. I don’t like u and u have some dirty leaf with a purugu in ur hair but I don’t care (out of experience speaks I )

• When given a time to someone STICK TO IT …. Or all dat u will get to eat will be 1 roti and the end of the dal in the vessel :P

• Never let 2 diffferent groups of friends ever meet because they will both end up TORTURING U …..

• If in doubt on how to download a software .. always call JON :P….

• Surprising someone when they least expect it .. not only gets u a chocolate but u get a free drop home :P…

• Don’t ever forget to carry perfume when u know u r gonna be travelling in a bus with smelly people

• If a boy is done with iftar prayers and foood… don’t expect him not to eat again … always order more :P(huz huz huz :P:P:P)….

• If u are ticklish don’t telll people THAT …..

• If u r hungryyy ur mood will show it (ask me )

• Subwayyyyyy will always be the answerrrr tooo all ur hunger pangs (ask me again

• Don’t keep begging mom for anything .. aks once hint it subtlely (wink wink).. u never know one day out of the blue … she will give u permission:):)……

• Americas funniest videos and takeshis castle are therapeutic …… man they really are

• If u think u need a break and u need some coke float GO FOR IT

• Don’t underestimate the power of a short person …. (sana :P)

• If a guy is hungry …. Keep a lot of cash ready :P….

And in the end …. Hugs are the answer to all problems:):):).. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Heard a YAMAHA roar in the distance,

And just thought about a man I know,

Very unlike the organized men I see,

Loves to just go with the flow .

Let me tell you about this man I know,

He is smart, talented and very funny,

He has the heart of a little boy ,

Oh!! And he loves pancakes in honey.

Let me tell you about this man I know ,

There is just ONE like him and not a breed,

You can talk computers and movies,

But if it is interesting it has to be an R.D350’s SPEED.

Let me tell you about this man I know ,

He hasn’t the drinking and smoking vice,

He doesn’t like tomatoes at all,

And somehow 2 shawarmas never suffice .

Let me tell you about this man I know,

The whole world said something and judged him,

He took it like a pinch of salt ,

Went got himself a trim.

Let me tell you about this man I know,

He will torture your living soul,

He will crack crazy p.j’s and weird jokes,

That will make you laugh and roll.

Let me tell you about this man I know,

Who is famous for his loose pants ,

Who has this special ability

To listen to anyones stupid rants .

Let me tell you about this man I know

Who is know as the dude,

If u really want to entice him

Take him for some coffee and food .

Let me tell you about this man I know,

He came to our lives just as anyone would ,

But believe me when I say this

Through thick and thin he STOOD……

I am really proud I know this man

And I am sure you do too

Well it isn’t every day you find some one tell you AFTER ALL THAT WEVE BEEN THROUGH


….. heheehe I am sure you know who I am talking about if u don’t it is .. yepp maximus my friend ….. the blog will finish if I start to write about him …. But hmmm here was my lousy attempt at a poem … for u ….. take care britisher boy … big hugs from the Indian brigade …. Muaahhhhhhhhhh …… ok this time I am not saying aurevoir … I am saying ASTALAVISTA MALLOSTA ….. :P…..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


just yesterday my grandfather called to tell me about an article in the news paper about a letter to a grandfather ... he called and asked me to read it .. and i was supposed to call him back but me in my stupid self obsessed life forgot ... so this is more than an apology it is to say thank you .... :)
Ammu and Thatha is how they are known to not only me but all of my friends who've known them as well .... the two people who have seen me from the stages of a pupa to unfurling my wings waiting to be a woman ... the two people who have never nudged or judged the pupa .... they have just stood by watched and smiled (beamed rather) with pride ...
all grandparents are special .... well mine are too ... they are brilliant ...i mean who else would readily take a 4 yr old kid who loved crayons into their house and teach her every nursery rhyme and good manner known to man ..... who else would take the efforts to make sure a kid had a birthday party like no other ... who else would never make a kid feel like her mom and dad was away..... who else would wake you up in the morning and help you brush your teeth buckle your shoe keep all your books ready and come for every parents meet possible ...... who else would make you sit on the table and do your homework and only then let you go out to play .....who else would make your favourite food items as a surprise JUST LIKE THAT ....... who else would make you laugh with funny songs and weird poems ...... who else would have stories about everything to everyone ..... who else would teach you maths and make sure you learnt it from the basics (heheh i still am bad at maths though).... who else would support you when mom was screaming at you .. who else would buy you orange sticks for every crossword puzzle they complete(my count is 675..:)..... who else would know you arent in a good mood by just looking at you ... who else would talk about you to every one in the colony ..... who else would bring an extra pair of clothes because they know you would spill .... who else would let you have moon light dinners and make noodles because that was the menu ..... who else would open up and let you sleep whenever even though the servant came only once .... who else would always force you to eat some biscuits or buy a thums up from the shop ... who else would always bring you back a gift if they went out of station ... and who else would make you understand your wrong by talking and treating you like an adult .............
believe me when i say this only grandparents will do or can do all of the above ... mine have done it with me .... and i wouldnt have been half the person i am if it wasnt for my two advice giving tv watching story telling grandparents .. who always told me i was good ... and cried when i hurt myself .... who prayed for me .. and laughed with me .... they have come every step of the way ...i love you ammu and thaths .... i might not say it much .. but i do .... thank you for .... everyyyyyyythiiiinggg ....... yours always AISHU PANNI KUTTY :)