Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Go by

Let's just rewind this fast paced life, 
back to dusty summer holidays and dry winters,
when a parent teacher meeting after the break, 
always gave you jitters. 

How about we take a walk down memory lane, 
our first day of junior college, sweaty palms and thundering heart beats, 
all that the teacher said, was lost in translation,  
wondering if you should bunk the chemistry test or atleast write 3 sheets. 

What happens in undergraduation, never stays there, 
there are stories that spread through out college, 
some you wish you were a part of,the others 
were just erased from your knowledge. 

After undergrad life became a blur, 
you kept wishing for it to slow down, but the speedometer never looked the same, 
there was work, masters and some crazy intoxicated days, 
a few times when life seemed like a fucking ridiculous game. 

Of all the things I miss the most,
it is the freedom to watch everyone else run around, 
Time really has flown, 
because I seemed to have joined that crowd too, my feet never on the ground.