Friday, December 26, 2008

sniff sniff

1.the smell of a little baby after a bath ... the mix of powder and milk .. on the thin soft hair ...
2.the smell of parachute oil .. when u get a weekly oil scrub from mum
3. the smell of mud when it rains
4.your dad and his favourite perfume ... right when he walks past you leaving for office ..(siiiggh i love brut :)).....
5.the smell drying chillies on the roof ...
6. the smell of dettol .. after all the times we have fallen
7. the smell of prince phenyl ... when u reach home after the servant has just cleaned the house
8. the smell of rasam or sambar and the drool that comes with it
9. the smell of camphor .. just before a puja start
10. the smell of sweat .. after a fantastic game of chor police and out out
11. the smell of chicken or fish from the neighbours house
12. the smell of your grandma ... and her powder that she has been using since god only knows :P
13. the smell of sweaters when we take them out in winter
14. the smell of a house .. its weird but each house has a different smell
15. the smell of agarbatti in the morning after a bath
16. the smell of mallepoolu when the guy gives it to you
17. the smell of ajinomoto at the chinese bandi
18. the smell of a puppy just after it has had milk
19. the smell of vibhooti and the taste also :P:P
20.the smell of mysore sandal "the soap"
21.the smell when u cross vacs in the evening *droolsssss*
22.the smell of that special someone...
23. the smell of petrol and a matchstick after it is lit :)
24. the smell of alll the perfumess when u enter shoppers stop or lifestyle
25. the smell of holi :)..
26. the smell of mummy when she hugs you after a fight
27.the smell of the studio:):)
28. the smell of a cigarette
29. the smell of chocolate right when you open the packet
30. the smell of mehendi on the brides hand
31.the smell of pickle:)
32. the smell of shampoo when a person sits in front of you after a head bath
33. the smell of a toilet in the train
34. the smell of the chat bhandar
35. the smell of smoke from the havan
36. the smell of your bed ...... :)
37. the smell of your clothes .....
38. the smell of friends :)
39. the smell of your dog after he runs in the rain
40.. the smell that lingers after a bath :)
.... i am reading shantaram .... and the author talks about his first meeting with india .. its not the sights or the sounds that caught his eye .. it was the smell ...... :).... so sniff sniff:)....... aurevoir

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When you reach the cross roads of life
And your running helter skelter
Making all the right decisions
For a career, food and shelter

When your at this road
And you search far and wide
You look for a known face
In this huge people tide

You wish you had someone
To laugh and walk along
You wish you could slide and swing
As you sing a stupid known song

You wait for a sign
A small little token of care
You feel like a lost kid
At the big village fair

You think of all those friends
Who were yours forever
You wish you had one of them
To walk with or atleast near

I don’t know if I am in that list
I don’t want to search and see
But don’t forget in that village fair
There was a lost kid named “ME"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fraandships 4 evaaa

The first time i met her
was my first day of college
she was loud , shreiky and weird
with a big bundle of knowledge

when i got to know her
a little bit every day
i saw her in Class
i even saw her at play

she and me get along weirdly
some people named her leedle
creativity is her forte
she can make gifts with thread and needle

the first time i met him
it was in a crowded bus
one of the very few guys i knew
who really never did fuss

he came from DXB
and had tons of tales to tell
he was as impulsive as me
we suddenly decided to go to the well

he is still in love with this chick we know
he doesnt tell her how he feels
bhai and me share a lot in common
mostly the punishment and kneels

the first time i met him
i was confused with his name
it was 4 years back
but he is still known for his fame

he is hilarious and mature
he is known for his charms
it is seriously rare
if u see him do any harm

i've known him longest
for reasons known to him and me
there were a lot of fights between us
but we are still here .... hmmm destiny

if i know one thing
and i feel its true whenever
no matter what where and how
ourr fraaandshipppss is 4 evaaa :):)

*mashallah...........kisi ke nazar na lage :)*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i now pronounce u HUSBAND AND WIFE :)

FAIRYTALE weddings as most people call it are mostly about the ambience .. the food the setting .. the guests .. the mehendi .. the baaraat ... and all the showing off the house does .... i just attended a fairytale wedding that really stood true to its name .... where the prince and his princess lived happily ever after ... and this time the wedding was ALL about them .... :).. the setting (was beautiful).. the guests, the food it was all goood .. but when u look back to what you remember most .. u remember their faces ... smiling .. grinning .. and completely in love ... each more in love with the other .... and ready to take on the world as Mr&Mrs.... It was fairytale also because the guy was french*drooollls*.. i dont think i have ever seen a man more in love with his woman(touchwood).. its funny but it wasnt the puppy love or the newly weds love .. it was love much beyond its years ... it was commitment like never before ... it was knowing she/he is all that i need to be happy forever and foralways .......
I dunno if this stands true for every one .. but from what i see and know .. if the man is ready to get married the way his wife wants to get married ... they really do live happily ever after..:)......... i was always apprehensive about marriage and all that jazz .. but after seeing something so simple yet so beautiful .. i cant wait to TIE the KNOT .... aurevoir

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I SEE!!!!

I see a smile light up a face
I see laughter always leaving a trace
I see joy searching for its base
I see i see

I see a tear glisten in a loved ones eye
I see a girl speak even though she is shy
I see friends walking by
I see I see

I see love in all its forms
I see people breaking norms
I see temper as it turns into a storm
I see I see

I see bliss all around
I see rather hear a weird sound
I see flames and people fall to the ground
I see I see

I see terror and fright
I see my nations plight
I see everything but right
I see I see

I see i have woken up to a new day
I see i will have to live this way
I see we can never be HAPPY and GAY
I see I see

I see life in all its show
I see it crumble blow by blow
I see it fall really low
I see I see

As i go blind by all the scare
I see what my kids have to bear
I see we haven't left them a share
I see I see

I still see how we have become
I see a Funeral with trumpets and a drum
I see a mother not accept a huge sum
I see I see

I see it all, all the time
I see we live in dirt and grime
I see and think it is TIME
I see i see

I have stopped looking and moved away
I have stopped seeing if its night or day
I have stopped hearing what people have to say
and i have sworn to myself
Its time I did something for me, for them,for everyone .
I don't see anymore... I DO....

Monday, December 1, 2008

i vote nobody

I am fed up of living life the way some one else wants me to live it
I am fed up of political party's using me like i am a switch
I am fed up of religion being the deciding factor in relationships and bonds
I am fed up of being misused
I am fed up of being governed by a bunch of greedy uneducated idiots who say they know me
I am fed up of being the victim of a million terror attacks
I am fed up of being drained
I am fed up of all the fiddling they do with my culture
I am fed up of not being respected as ME anymore
so much more than just the land we stand on
so much more than the monuments we brag about
and so much more than JUST A DEMOCRACY ........

I just got my voters Id .... still wondering why i decided to get it the way India is going ...... well u cant blame her ..... we all make mistakes .. u make them once .. u r forgiven .. u make them the second time u take a little longer time but still your forgiven ..... u make it the third time.. u r asking for trouble and then comes the fourth .... thats when u r FUCKED...thats exactly what congress is going through ... the elections are coming up and i have decided I VOTE NOBODY .... under section 49-o... if there is a person who u think isnt suitable enough to be elected (i think half the government isnt suited:P:P)... if u think dat then u can actuallly go to the election booth telll the officer there .."buger i dont wanna vote for any of these losers so I VOTE NOBODY "get ur ink dot and see his face turn from powerful to powerless ... because if the guy u think isnt right gets 111 votes in the elections and if under 49-0 he gets 113 votes then the elections isnt counted ... and the candidate must step down because he cant contest again and a new SUITABLE guy can be chosen ..... i know i sound cynical but yeah that i am ... because i cant have or live and be ruled by some leader who got through because he was a "B.C"(no i dont mean the bad word).... yep this time it really will be FOR THE PEOPLE ..BY THE PEOPLE AND TO THE PEOPLE ......... till then aurevoir ..