Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fraandships 4 evaaa

The first time i met her
was my first day of college
she was loud , shreiky and weird
with a big bundle of knowledge

when i got to know her
a little bit every day
i saw her in Class
i even saw her at play

she and me get along weirdly
some people named her leedle
creativity is her forte
she can make gifts with thread and needle

the first time i met him
it was in a crowded bus
one of the very few guys i knew
who really never did fuss

he came from DXB
and had tons of tales to tell
he was as impulsive as me
we suddenly decided to go to the well

he is still in love with this chick we know
he doesnt tell her how he feels
bhai and me share a lot in common
mostly the punishment and kneels

the first time i met him
i was confused with his name
it was 4 years back
but he is still known for his fame

he is hilarious and mature
he is known for his charms
it is seriously rare
if u see him do any harm

i've known him longest
for reasons known to him and me
there were a lot of fights between us
but we are still here .... hmmm destiny

if i know one thing
and i feel its true whenever
no matter what where and how
ourr fraaandshipppss is 4 evaaa :):)

*mashallah...........kisi ke nazar na lage :)*


Kumail said...

1st comment!! Yay!! :) Like i told u wen i first read it...m really glad 2 be counted among dat elite list! :P An yes MASHALLAH...kisi ki nazar na lage! Keep At It!!

nids!!! said...

hmmm its wonderfully written! imagine finding nice things to say about 3 corny people! :P hehe! i agree with kumail! its nice to be counted in that elite list! :D ummmaaahh! love you! mashallah kisi ki nazar na lage! and then after that whatever kum says! khuda na something! :D

shuuuu said...

to kummu heheheheheheh yaaayyy u commentedd :D:D....... anddd how can u not be in it ... i will keep at and mashallah right back :P:P

shuuuu said...

to nidssss .. again how can u not be in the list .. and hehehe i love the 3 corny ppl .. soooooo :):)... muaahhhhh yeah it is khuda na khaastha and khuda na kare:).... louu ya ...

Jonathan Brainard said...

awesome post. .... great friends i agree.

shuuuu said...

:)..... yeahhhh hehee theyyy r :)...... thanks jon