Monday, August 12, 2013


The lights twinkled like jewels on a princess’s hand,
She watched bright eyed as the plane hit the tarmac,
Smooth? Her heart thought otherwise!
Welcome to a new city, your new home, a new life.

What about the one I left behind? She wondered,
All the known faces and warm smiles, will they remember?
Can I call someone mine? Or are they all back home?
In the city I left behind.

Waiting for calls and getting up to messages,
Those are the things she looks forward to,
Watching families hold hands, friends laugh and lovers kiss,
She had all those things at some point too.

Don’t worry, said a voice on the phone,
Things get better, faster than you’d know.
Soon, you’ll make new memories of you own,
And this new place will start to feel like home.