Monday, April 12, 2010


While most people EAT to live ......There are a Few,Ok more than a few who LIVE to eat .... i used to be in the latter group but my adipose tissue has converted and pulled me into the former group :P:P
I am a FOODIE ...Its a trait that has been passed down by my brilliant foodie father who stands by the saying "Nothing can make you happy ,the way a wafting fragnance and the savoring of your favorite dish can " :):) .... So here is a list of my all time favourite treats

1.Rasam Sadam with ghee on a cold winter evening ... mixed by your grandma and the extra tomatoes she puts in it just for you

2.Payasam - a puja is incomplete without payasam and man there are easily some 15 types ... ALL EQUALLLYYY DELICIOUS

3.Dal Makhani and butter naan- This combo willl go down in history ....

4.Maggi and Ketchup-whenever i was bored and mom wasnt home ... Magggi always came to the rescue ..:):) Still DOES :D

5.Pani Puri - i've grown up wth chaat bandi's all over the place and have eaten and Rated various bandi's :P:P ... the high point is always the stuffing the whole thing into your mouth and detecting each flavour that popped :)

6.Bandi Chinese-Veg Noodles ,Manchuria(wet/DRY),Chicken 65 .. and A LOTTTT OF AJINO MOTO :D:D ... heheheh ... the chinese r still pissed with us cuz we indianized the whole thing and it tastes sooo much better :P

7.Khichdi -When it rains and u cant go out and there is no current ... JAI KHICHDI :D:D:D:D

8.Masala Dosa at a tiffin centre- Even though we made dosa's at home , the joy of eating that dosa with the potato and a dollop of butter ...oh and not to forget the super coconut chutney along with it was a perfect way to start a lunch or even finish dinner ... which retard callled it breakfast foood :P

9.irani chai and osmania biscuit- my fondest memoryy of osmania biscuits is with my grandad at 5 30 in the morning before a game of golf .. the cafe wudve just opened and we would be there drinking Brilliant Chai :)

10.Rumali Roti and Mirchi ka saalan- even though they say mirchi ka saalan goes well with biryani .. i think it is just perfect with a rumali ...

11.Universal Burger-:) that big bun and coleslaw dripping from the side .. droppping half of it when you take a bite .. getting messsy ..But enjoying it all along ... MAN THAT BURGER IS JUST HUGEEEE

12.Kheeema ROTI- :D:D alpha hotel ,Paradise,and Shifa's house ... the taste of hot kheema wrappped into a hot roti with ketchup on the side .... sssslllrrrpppppp :P

13. ALoo ke paranthe - Amritsar winter,looking at the golden temple and blowing the aloo ka parantha because its too hot ....SIIIGGGHHH ...HEAVENNNN

14. Bun omlet- enroute to bombay,on the road near paradise,next to nids house, and mom's special ... each type has a distinct taste and i love them all :)

15.Chole Bature-That hugee batura that u first poke and all the heat comes out with super steamy and soft chole .. and not to forget the pickle and onions on the side :D:D:D

16.samosa and puffs - Where would we be without the samosa ...all those school functions which had one samosa ,one sweet ... every bakery with its own connotation of the veg/egg/chicken/mutton/paneer pufff ...... LIFE SAVERS they are especially when your broke :D

17.Tandoori chicken- The whole chicken ... fighting for who gets the leg ... rubbing lime on top and chewing off half the thigh :D .... definately a higggh for a carnivore :)

18.paneer butter masala and anything - Paneeer butter masala is found almost in all food joints and tastes pretty darn good in most, whoever invented this dish needs to be given an AWARD :D .....

19.lime rice in the temple- tamarind and lime rice is literally mandatory in most temples and standing in the queue to get your little leafy katori is definitely WORTH THE WAIT :)

20.Irani Samosa - Anand theatre intervals,station and that fellow pushing a cart ... small samosa's were always fun to eat ..

21.Rajma Chawal- Vaishno Devi at 11 30 in the night ...after walking 10 kilometres ... the aroma of rajma and rice was like finding an oasis in the desert :)

22.MOMO'S - Darjeeling(chicken), Kalimpong(mutton),Siliguri(veg) and Sikkim(beef) .... 4 different kinds .. 4 different places .. the lingering taste after finishing a plate..MAGNIFICENT

23.Vada Pav and sugarcane juice- holding a sweet JUMBO glass of ganna juice in one hand and mirchi vada pav in the other ... its like a battle of tastes amidst the scorching mumbai heat

24.Subway- the answer to alll my weight loss dreams ... and to top it all SUB OF THE DAY :D:D:D ....

25.Mishti doi and vanilla ice cream - i know ..i know it isnt a dish as such .. but i have eaten it for breakfast and i nominate it to become a DISH :D:D:D:D

thats all i could think off ... Aurevoir