Saturday, October 2, 2010


He stood on the portico watching his son spin the top that had kept him entertained for hours as a kid. That piece of wood with the little metal rod below that had years of usage shown all over its once neatly varnished self. He noticed the interest had slowly reduced and a new toy somewhere knew it was his lucky day. In a matter of seconds that top was left on the table next to his attention span. Where have all the wood shops gone? What would a kid do if a block of wood and other tools were given to him, like they were to me?

We have spoilt our offspring. Consumerism is ingrained now .Everything has a faster and an easier method .The ability to create a piece of you from a block of wood or some clay has been swapped with the ability to know which toy is better and which row of the market it is in. Toys R Us need a makeover and should start with their name .It should say “Toys Were Us”. Now they are just pieces of plastic produced in large quantities in a sweat shop somewhere which have no attachment except for the screws.

He walked into the house and cleaned the string, wound it around the top and spun it with all the skill he had. It turned out perfectly and spun like a ballerina in a big recital. That’s where the line had been drawn .The brouhaha of being the consumer and the reach for plastic hadn’t taken over completely, there still stood a little boy proud of his creation and already thinking of another. He wasn’t yet the CONSUMER par EXCELLENCE.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

NO !!

Little haley saw the world
through her bright blue eyes
safe inside dads arms and protected under moms breast
her walk was cushioned ,
her fears shoo'd away from under the bed
and this pink world was how she wanted it ,
without ever having heard the word NO .
Little haley was not little anymore
she still had her wayy with dad and mom ,
but the world was evil ,
it was out to torment her ,
throw life's darkest and watch, as she ran for cover ,
she cried when she saw that rainbow repainted
she cringed as the pink turned to crimson ,
NO had settled in ,comfortably and snug ,
Rejection came unannounced and never seemed to leave ,
heart break and betrayal stalked like a creepy character ,
and Happiness was a relative who had died ,
She sat on her favorite chair and thought about this troubled reality ,
rocking that chair vowing to bring some change ,
she threw rejection out and made trust her friend ,
she pushed heart break aside and called laughter home for supper,
That rainbow got back its old color
and LIFE started to shine through those windows
The word No does pop in sometimes to say hello
but he is treated like an acquaintance now ...
Little haley knows how to choose her friends :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Floating on a plank
in the middle of nowhere
surrounded by thrashing waves
the water acting like a snare
drenched in salt
and life's misgivings
staying still waiting for that tide
life underwater is not what I want to see
Hanging on to hope
but questioning it too
I float on that plank.
Flashes of the past
the judgement's and shackles
fleeting memories of the good
all that seems distant
feeling solitary yet accompanied
by life of the ocean
I float on that plank.
Thirsty and aching
from all the experience
using what i have
wishing to have learnt more
I paddle with all my might
on to new shores
It could've been the end
but whats life when you give up
I live to see another day
saved by the waves of my mind.

Monday, April 12, 2010


While most people EAT to live ......There are a Few,Ok more than a few who LIVE to eat .... i used to be in the latter group but my adipose tissue has converted and pulled me into the former group :P:P
I am a FOODIE ...Its a trait that has been passed down by my brilliant foodie father who stands by the saying "Nothing can make you happy ,the way a wafting fragnance and the savoring of your favorite dish can " :):) .... So here is a list of my all time favourite treats

1.Rasam Sadam with ghee on a cold winter evening ... mixed by your grandma and the extra tomatoes she puts in it just for you

2.Payasam - a puja is incomplete without payasam and man there are easily some 15 types ... ALL EQUALLLYYY DELICIOUS

3.Dal Makhani and butter naan- This combo willl go down in history ....

4.Maggi and Ketchup-whenever i was bored and mom wasnt home ... Magggi always came to the rescue ..:):) Still DOES :D

5.Pani Puri - i've grown up wth chaat bandi's all over the place and have eaten and Rated various bandi's :P:P ... the high point is always the stuffing the whole thing into your mouth and detecting each flavour that popped :)

6.Bandi Chinese-Veg Noodles ,Manchuria(wet/DRY),Chicken 65 .. and A LOTTTT OF AJINO MOTO :D:D ... heheheh ... the chinese r still pissed with us cuz we indianized the whole thing and it tastes sooo much better :P

7.Khichdi -When it rains and u cant go out and there is no current ... JAI KHICHDI :D:D:D:D

8.Masala Dosa at a tiffin centre- Even though we made dosa's at home , the joy of eating that dosa with the potato and a dollop of butter ...oh and not to forget the super coconut chutney along with it was a perfect way to start a lunch or even finish dinner ... which retard callled it breakfast foood :P

9.irani chai and osmania biscuit- my fondest memoryy of osmania biscuits is with my grandad at 5 30 in the morning before a game of golf .. the cafe wudve just opened and we would be there drinking Brilliant Chai :)

10.Rumali Roti and Mirchi ka saalan- even though they say mirchi ka saalan goes well with biryani .. i think it is just perfect with a rumali ...

11.Universal Burger-:) that big bun and coleslaw dripping from the side .. droppping half of it when you take a bite .. getting messsy ..But enjoying it all along ... MAN THAT BURGER IS JUST HUGEEEE

12.Kheeema ROTI- :D:D alpha hotel ,Paradise,and Shifa's house ... the taste of hot kheema wrappped into a hot roti with ketchup on the side .... sssslllrrrpppppp :P

13. ALoo ke paranthe - Amritsar winter,looking at the golden temple and blowing the aloo ka parantha because its too hot ....SIIIGGGHHH ...HEAVENNNN

14. Bun omlet- enroute to bombay,on the road near paradise,next to nids house, and mom's special ... each type has a distinct taste and i love them all :)

15.Chole Bature-That hugee batura that u first poke and all the heat comes out with super steamy and soft chole .. and not to forget the pickle and onions on the side :D:D:D

16.samosa and puffs - Where would we be without the samosa ...all those school functions which had one samosa ,one sweet ... every bakery with its own connotation of the veg/egg/chicken/mutton/paneer pufff ...... LIFE SAVERS they are especially when your broke :D

17.Tandoori chicken- The whole chicken ... fighting for who gets the leg ... rubbing lime on top and chewing off half the thigh :D .... definately a higggh for a carnivore :)

18.paneer butter masala and anything - Paneeer butter masala is found almost in all food joints and tastes pretty darn good in most, whoever invented this dish needs to be given an AWARD :D .....

19.lime rice in the temple- tamarind and lime rice is literally mandatory in most temples and standing in the queue to get your little leafy katori is definitely WORTH THE WAIT :)

20.Irani Samosa - Anand theatre intervals,station and that fellow pushing a cart ... small samosa's were always fun to eat ..

21.Rajma Chawal- Vaishno Devi at 11 30 in the night ...after walking 10 kilometres ... the aroma of rajma and rice was like finding an oasis in the desert :)

22.MOMO'S - Darjeeling(chicken), Kalimpong(mutton),Siliguri(veg) and Sikkim(beef) .... 4 different kinds .. 4 different places .. the lingering taste after finishing a plate..MAGNIFICENT

23.Vada Pav and sugarcane juice- holding a sweet JUMBO glass of ganna juice in one hand and mirchi vada pav in the other ... its like a battle of tastes amidst the scorching mumbai heat

24.Subway- the answer to alll my weight loss dreams ... and to top it all SUB OF THE DAY :D:D:D ....

25.Mishti doi and vanilla ice cream - i know ..i know it isnt a dish as such .. but i have eaten it for breakfast and i nominate it to become a DISH :D:D:D:D

thats all i could think off ... Aurevoir

Saturday, February 20, 2010


My fan is my only friend,my pillow is my closest confidant and the 4 walls of my room make my world.This wound was little,so miniscule you couldnt see it ,so small that sometimes with all that happened around i forgot it was still there .
Things sure have changed, now i know its there,I see it become bigger each day..stuffing a little more of loneliness , a dash of anger and large amounts of envy.i knew it was not the outer shell that was scarred but still i applied all the balm i got .My lab rat ways were'nt helping and every peeking emotion got sucked in even before it could present itself.I carry now a big black hole heavier than most men and deeper than oil reserves below sea level.
It doesnt hurt that much or so i choose to think,but this melancholy is disturbing.I am afraid to fall asleep worrying that maybe that little ray of broken hope of being rescued from this stage might also be sucked in. It sounds funny to most who i try and open up to ,to the others ..well i dont try!!
My Mind threatens to come out of hiding, but for once its my heart thats pulling back .She thinks there is a slight chance i will be saved from this miserable hole i have dug for myself .. she believes my closest will dive in pull the plug and the black will get sucked in.I let her believe..
I have waited patiently at that street corner and at the end of each night as i am just about to give up, my heart pulls me back and i Go back the next day .