Saturday, June 5, 2010

NO !!

Little haley saw the world
through her bright blue eyes
safe inside dads arms and protected under moms breast
her walk was cushioned ,
her fears shoo'd away from under the bed
and this pink world was how she wanted it ,
without ever having heard the word NO .
Little haley was not little anymore
she still had her wayy with dad and mom ,
but the world was evil ,
it was out to torment her ,
throw life's darkest and watch, as she ran for cover ,
she cried when she saw that rainbow repainted
she cringed as the pink turned to crimson ,
NO had settled in ,comfortably and snug ,
Rejection came unannounced and never seemed to leave ,
heart break and betrayal stalked like a creepy character ,
and Happiness was a relative who had died ,
She sat on her favorite chair and thought about this troubled reality ,
rocking that chair vowing to bring some change ,
she threw rejection out and made trust her friend ,
she pushed heart break aside and called laughter home for supper,
That rainbow got back its old color
and LIFE started to shine through those windows
The word No does pop in sometimes to say hello
but he is treated like an acquaintance now ...
Little haley knows how to choose her friends :)


Srinidhi said...

I like little hayley!! :D :D shes smart!! :D Superb post! cute an deep at the same time!! :) Sorta an insight to the real you. Cute and deep! :) :)
ummmaaah! love you! :*

Srinidhi said...
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shuuuu said...

thanks weed :) .. glad you liked it.... hehheh little haley has her smart days <3 ... muaaahh love u more

kneehara said...

its so beautiful!!! i love it! :) :) its kinda dark but you can still see the light that forces itself through.. :) :) i just love it! :* :*

shuuuu said...

hahah thanks neeeee :):) im super glad you like it :D:D:D muaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh