Thursday, December 17, 2009

For them

This one’s for the boy ,

Who says good bye to his mother,

And walks into the world ,

Hoping to become a man .

This one’s for a mother

Who gives us that boy,

eyes welled up ,

and chest filled with pride

It is for a sister ,

Who see’s him little,

But who dreams of a husband and son,

As brave as him,

This one’s for a father ,

Who says with pride,

As he looks at a grave ,

“He fought till he died”.

This one’s for a boy,

Who says to the world ,

As he salutes the flag,

“She is my first love”,

It is for a boy,

Who fights till he can ,

Smiles at his comrades,

One last time.

I know not one,

But many such boys,

Who still have stories ,

And can hear their battle cries ,

It is that boy,

Who is now a man,

He and his friends,

Are India's Biggest FANS :) ….