Thursday, December 17, 2009

For them

This one’s for the boy ,

Who says good bye to his mother,

And walks into the world ,

Hoping to become a man .

This one’s for a mother

Who gives us that boy,

eyes welled up ,

and chest filled with pride

It is for a sister ,

Who see’s him little,

But who dreams of a husband and son,

As brave as him,

This one’s for a father ,

Who says with pride,

As he looks at a grave ,

“He fought till he died”.

This one’s for a boy,

Who says to the world ,

As he salutes the flag,

“She is my first love”,

It is for a boy,

Who fights till he can ,

Smiles at his comrades,

One last time.

I know not one,

But many such boys,

Who still have stories ,

And can hear their battle cries ,

It is that boy,

Who is now a man,

He and his friends,

Are India's Biggest FANS :) ….


Kumail said...

first!!! :p awesome post baap! read it thrice...i actlly feel a lil ashamed that i do not know any men who have left their homes and families an gone on to fight for those countless unknown individuals(most of whom are thankless) and that mother ...made me realise how little i do for this Mother of mine! i salute the bravery of all those boys and men...i for one am proud!! :) keep em coming!

shuuuu said...

:):) thankuuu kumail .. and hey u no my daddy and my granddad ... and ur family so u definitely no them ... and :) ... hehehe i knoww auntyjiii rocksss and u shud do stuff for her like study in delhi :P:P :D:D:d .... thanksss kummu glad u liked it

Srinidhi said...

Loved the post!! The thought is pure. And the flow is lovely.
Conveyed different sides of the story beautifully. :)
Reading your update after so long. Update more often :)
Much love!! :) :) :* :*

shuuuu said...

:) thanks weeed :) .... yeah but writers blocks get the better of me :P .... willtry upgrading more often .. muaaaahhhhh

D!! said...

Very nice babe!!..gave me the emotion and the simplicity of the thought..loved it n love you!!..

shuuuu said...

:) thanks mittu ... i'm glad u liked it ... muahh i love u too

Anonymous said...

cant put it in words how wonderful this me its your best! ive got a soft corner for it since its a poetry and a subject thats close to my heart...but uve done a perfect job of getting the feelings and message across! bless you aishu!!

shuuuu said...

thank you anonymous :)