Saturday, October 10, 2009


Asked by 2 little kids
if i was hindu or muslim,
got me thinking
about how we've become within,
what has happened to brotherhood
and living together in peace,
all those times we've spent together
those diwali's, christmas'es and Id's,
where are we going with all this religion
why does it matter to who we pray,
are'nt we here to learn and love
not kill by night or day ,
why has it become so difficult
to live and love together,
why is it that every where around
theres a house burning to its last timber,
i dont know what or who god is
somehow i am starting not to care,
i know your shocked i am saying this
but really it isnt a dare,
it is about friends and family who speak of religion
of all the times they judge on what people follow,
it has left me scarred and a little angry
but actually majorly hollow,
because what i have learnt from experiences of the past
is its not the lord but the friend you love ,
and the irony of the whole thing is
my friends were created by that "someone above"........


Teju :):) said...

i loved it !!! yea i just hope people...stop judging othrs askin bt their caste n relation n get those stereotypes...outta their heads...!!!

Teju :):) said...

Religion* nt relation :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

actually da environment dese kids grow thesedays hs a lot f influence on dem...c dey watch news movies nd shows so thy strt assumin stuff nd hav a lot f misconceptions abt religion nd the followers f tht religion...well whos t blame?..i dnt kno..

shuuuu said...

lots of people r to be blamed srik .. what u learn at home is what u take out .. so ... somehoww its first the home environment that natters ....

Srinidhi said...

lovely thought! typical you!! :D :* loved it!!

D!! said...

Religion!! much that has come to mean in these days...for a long time i didnt realise the Khans in bollywood were saif goes around saying qurbaan was special to him cos he was muslim...:d

its so disgusting!!.. i think i agree with the idea ad where they say u should be called only by ur phone numbers... life would be better.

nice post babe!!..heartfelt n wonderfully worded!

shuuuu said...

thanksssss :) mitttu :)
but atleast saif is still dating a kareena and salman has a ganapati every year in his house .. so it syrely is better than .. ppl saying i dont like her cuz she is muslim or hindu etc etc ..... i love that idea ad :)

thanksss mitttuuuu :):)