Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am sorry

I am sorry,
because I don't have the body type your son and society deserve.
I am sorry I love opinions and have some of my own.
I am sorry I enjoy the company of the opposite sex even though it isn't part of my culture.
I am sorry I am studying to be something more than just a demure wife.
I am sorry I curse because it isn't what a woman is supposed to do.
I am sorry I didn't live up to your standards of beauty.
I am sorry I decided to live and explore the world on my own.
I am sorry I wear the clothes I do. I know, I am always asking for it.
I am sorry I don't fit into any mould of what a good girl is supposed to be.
I am sorry I can't cook and won't be able to take care of your son, who doesn't know how to cook either.
I am sorry that my family forced me to study, work and travel. They must be the worst.

Most of all, I am sorry for you. For assuming there is just one 'type' of woman. For feeding your son the confidence that he can look like a goat but will still get a wife who is thin, loving, faithful, quiet and submissive. I feel sorry that my parents, as confident as they are, still fear I might be alone forever because you told them so. I am sorry I don't fit in with your requirements.

Actually, I am not sorry. Because, it has taken me years to finally love myself. To realise what I want to do and who I want to be. I don't want to be a Victoria Secret model. I want to be happy and healthy and I don't need a man to approve of my ways for me to be either. I am happy eating, studying, working, reading, dancing, playing with puppies, seeing the world and learning about it.
I feel sorry for myself, that I tried so hard to please you and your needs.

But, not anymore.

So, fuck you! I am not sorry.