Monday, August 17, 2009

:) chote cheez bada CHEEEESSSEEEE :D

it was a Diwali morning ... when we(dad and me) got down at this orphan age near nacharam ... small place with sad roofing and windows ... the director came to greet us and said the kids were at breakfast ... i was just wondering that we hadnt brought anything for these kids , when my awesome dad opens the car dikki and take out 2 cartons of sweets and crackers ... they werent books for them to study or clothes for them or crayons .... none of that just sweets and crackers ... i walked up to pa and said , "dad no clothes ?? and he smiled and said ... on a diwali morning somehow its not the clothes or the books its these kids want kanna its the smaller things .. it someone to make them feel like even they are a part of the celebrations :) .......i love my dad and then it did sink in that
The SMALL things in life SOMEHOW always do make a difference :)

i have always believed and worked on this logic ever since.. and i still do think it stands true ... it is the small things that count ... they could be the bindi you put before leaving for a reception , the kiss your friend gives you telling you she missed you , the sudden call from the person you least expect it , the maha lacto's in a plastic packet when your down , crazy badges with funny smileys for a friend who is having a bad day .... these small things have always made me smile .... its weird how we keep looking at how much money , what time is work , whens the next movie, what college do i join ... blaaahh blaaaah ..... just one day do something small with someone you want to .. and i swear my caption really be true ..... chota cheez (small thing) bada CHEEEESE(isnt that how we've beeen asked to smile for all our photos :):)) ........ aurevoir .....