Saturday, January 10, 2009


i am in love with this country i call home
i am a patriot completely
i don't care about the poverty i see
because it is the spirit i carry in me
i love her for the noises
the sights and the food profound
and also for a billion who call her home ground
she is strong and hard on the outside u will see
but is soft when it comes to her family
she has a tendency of making you smile
it can be with the movies or people so fine
lived here for 18 got 60 more to go
but i wanna take each day a little slow
i wanna travel and see her through
i wanna go from leh to daman and diu
each time we hear a politician take over
the only worry is how much more they will rape her
rape her off her pride ,her glory ,her joy
rape her off her land with which they built their first toy
in every one of us .. is a fire burning bright
it still lingers even after allll the fright
i am sure if you scratch the suface
u will see a love not withered without a trace
it might be small like a little pebble or stone
but i am in love with this country i call home