Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Floating on a plank
in the middle of nowhere
surrounded by thrashing waves
the water acting like a snare
drenched in salt
and life's misgivings
staying still waiting for that tide
life underwater is not what I want to see
Hanging on to hope
but questioning it too
I float on that plank.
Flashes of the past
the judgement's and shackles
fleeting memories of the good
all that seems distant
feeling solitary yet accompanied
by life of the ocean
I float on that plank.
Thirsty and aching
from all the experience
using what i have
wishing to have learnt more
I paddle with all my might
on to new shores
It could've been the end
but whats life when you give up
I live to see another day
saved by the waves of my mind.


Srinidhi said...

Love it. Love the flow and the way you brought out the thought :) :) :)
Ummaaah! :D love you more. :*

shuuuu said...

:):) thankks weeed :):) muaaahh i love u too