Friday, December 26, 2008

sniff sniff

1.the smell of a little baby after a bath ... the mix of powder and milk .. on the thin soft hair ...
2.the smell of parachute oil .. when u get a weekly oil scrub from mum
3. the smell of mud when it rains
4.your dad and his favourite perfume ... right when he walks past you leaving for office ..(siiiggh i love brut :)).....
5.the smell drying chillies on the roof ...
6. the smell of dettol .. after all the times we have fallen
7. the smell of prince phenyl ... when u reach home after the servant has just cleaned the house
8. the smell of rasam or sambar and the drool that comes with it
9. the smell of camphor .. just before a puja start
10. the smell of sweat .. after a fantastic game of chor police and out out
11. the smell of chicken or fish from the neighbours house
12. the smell of your grandma ... and her powder that she has been using since god only knows :P
13. the smell of sweaters when we take them out in winter
14. the smell of a house .. its weird but each house has a different smell
15. the smell of agarbatti in the morning after a bath
16. the smell of mallepoolu when the guy gives it to you
17. the smell of ajinomoto at the chinese bandi
18. the smell of a puppy just after it has had milk
19. the smell of vibhooti and the taste also :P:P
20.the smell of mysore sandal "the soap"
21.the smell when u cross vacs in the evening *droolsssss*
22.the smell of that special someone...
23. the smell of petrol and a matchstick after it is lit :)
24. the smell of alll the perfumess when u enter shoppers stop or lifestyle
25. the smell of holi :)..
26. the smell of mummy when she hugs you after a fight
27.the smell of the studio:):)
28. the smell of a cigarette
29. the smell of chocolate right when you open the packet
30. the smell of mehendi on the brides hand
31.the smell of pickle:)
32. the smell of shampoo when a person sits in front of you after a head bath
33. the smell of a toilet in the train
34. the smell of the chat bhandar
35. the smell of smoke from the havan
36. the smell of your bed ...... :)
37. the smell of your clothes .....
38. the smell of friends :)
39. the smell of your dog after he runs in the rain
40.. the smell that lingers after a bath :)
.... i am reading shantaram .... and the author talks about his first meeting with india .. its not the sights or the sounds that caught his eye .. it was the smell ...... :).... so sniff sniff:)....... aurevoir


nids!!! said...

nice post babe!!! :D ummmaaahhh! :D :D :D

dwithiya said...

i think u got all my fave smells also on ur list..!! except waking up to the smell of filter coffee!!...yum!!

shuuuu said...

:):)... thankss nidss ... and thankss D>....... hehehe i forgott filterr coffeee :)... heheheheh . muaahhhh

Kumail said...

Nice post! An u forgot the toilet before u flush! :)

shuuuu said...

chiiiiii kummuuu woicchhh sochteeee tum ...... :P:P........ heheh yeah okkk fine i forgott dat :P:P

websush said...

granny's coffee,chocolate, cigarettes, the smell of a freshly washed head...especially ur girl's...lovely stuff that is!

once again, u pull it off!

cheers kiddo! u have got magic in those fingers of urs!

Madness personified said...

did u mention the smeel of rain?? n also the smell of petrol?? hehehe....!!! nice one babe!! :)

shuuuu said...

to sushhh awwwwww thankss thankss thankssss :):)

shuuuu said...

thankss tejaammmaaa :):)..... muaahhh

mom!! said...

guess what... i loved smell number 26 the best!!.. ha ha ... and do you know... ahem ahem ... olfactory is the FIRST cranial nerve... its a part of the limbic system.. and it creates memories that you can NEVER forget... you may forget a view.. but NEVER the smell.... so keep sniffing!