Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I SEE!!!!

I see a smile light up a face
I see laughter always leaving a trace
I see joy searching for its base
I see i see

I see a tear glisten in a loved ones eye
I see a girl speak even though she is shy
I see friends walking by
I see I see

I see love in all its forms
I see people breaking norms
I see temper as it turns into a storm
I see I see

I see bliss all around
I see rather hear a weird sound
I see flames and people fall to the ground
I see I see

I see terror and fright
I see my nations plight
I see everything but right
I see I see

I see i have woken up to a new day
I see i will have to live this way
I see we can never be HAPPY and GAY
I see I see

I see life in all its show
I see it crumble blow by blow
I see it fall really low
I see I see

As i go blind by all the scare
I see what my kids have to bear
I see we haven't left them a share
I see I see

I still see how we have become
I see a Funeral with trumpets and a drum
I see a mother not accept a huge sum
I see I see

I see it all, all the time
I see we live in dirt and grime
I see and think it is TIME
I see i see

I have stopped looking and moved away
I have stopped seeing if its night or day
I have stopped hearing what people have to say
and i have sworn to myself
Its time I did something for me, for them,for everyone .
I don't see anymore... I DO....


D!! said...


nids!!! said...

its amazing!! in every sense of the word! love the flow! i cant say how brilliant it is!

jona said...

beautiful poem ... u wrote really well ... got a good flow to it ...

shuuuu said...

to D..... thanksssss :).... muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

shuuuu said...

to nids thank u .... :):)... glad u liked it

shuuuu said...

to jon thanks a lot ..

Sana said...

Love the string of rhythm.
Good Job !


shuuuu said...

thanks sana :).... yes yes time we woke up and smelt so much more than just the beanss ....

mary said...

awesome s the word!!...

shuuuu said...

thanksss DOLLLLL :):)... muaahhh

Vin said...

I see...

dr div said...

i see a side to you that makes me proud..
and wish i said it more often aloud..
... excellent... well written!..
with much aplomb..
you are growing up baby..

shuuuu said...

awww sniff sniff i am toucheddd .. :)... vashishthar vaaayar brahmarishi :):).... heheheh thankss mommmyy :):)...

Madness personified said...

byootiful my dear husband!! i like the flow!! :):):)

shuuuu said...

thaankuuu wifeeeyyy :):)... muaahhh

Parth Jhala said...

great flow of thoughts!!

shuuuu said...

awwww.... thankss parth :)....... thanku yaayyyyy u comnmenteddddd