Saturday, September 20, 2008


Heard a YAMAHA roar in the distance,

And just thought about a man I know,

Very unlike the organized men I see,

Loves to just go with the flow .

Let me tell you about this man I know,

He is smart, talented and very funny,

He has the heart of a little boy ,

Oh!! And he loves pancakes in honey.

Let me tell you about this man I know ,

There is just ONE like him and not a breed,

You can talk computers and movies,

But if it is interesting it has to be an R.D350’s SPEED.

Let me tell you about this man I know ,

He hasn’t the drinking and smoking vice,

He doesn’t like tomatoes at all,

And somehow 2 shawarmas never suffice .

Let me tell you about this man I know,

The whole world said something and judged him,

He took it like a pinch of salt ,

Went got himself a trim.

Let me tell you about this man I know,

He will torture your living soul,

He will crack crazy p.j’s and weird jokes,

That will make you laugh and roll.

Let me tell you about this man I know,

Who is famous for his loose pants ,

Who has this special ability

To listen to anyones stupid rants .

Let me tell you about this man I know

Who is know as the dude,

If u really want to entice him

Take him for some coffee and food .

Let me tell you about this man I know,

He came to our lives just as anyone would ,

But believe me when I say this

Through thick and thin he STOOD……

I am really proud I know this man

And I am sure you do too

Well it isn’t every day you find some one tell you AFTER ALL THAT WEVE BEEN THROUGH


….. heheehe I am sure you know who I am talking about if u don’t it is .. yepp maximus my friend ….. the blog will finish if I start to write about him …. But hmmm here was my lousy attempt at a poem … for u ….. take care britisher boy … big hugs from the Indian brigade …. Muaahhhhhhhhhh …… ok this time I am not saying aurevoir … I am saying ASTALAVISTA MALLOSTA ….. :P…..


nids!!! said...

i completely!!!! looooooooooooooooooooooooovve the poem!! a sexy way to put the man we know! but quite obvious you know him best!!! he is special and he is unique! he is JONATHAN BRAINARD!! will miss everything about him! who will tell me its all in the jigsaw baby! :P

love you babe!! and please put up the other one you wrote also!!! that one is something special!!! ummmmmmaaaaahhhhh! love you!

shuuuu said...

to nids .... heheheheh i think ..... kummu and huz should write one tooo ... :)... he is unique really is .... hehehe baahh blooodyyy britisher boy will come back with accent .... :P... heheheheh
heheh the other one i gave him re ... :)

mary said...

lousy attempt?? pl go bk n read it again!! post..loooovvvveeedddd it!!..its abt my all tym fav cousin n its written by my all tym fav girl...can it get any better? ..its jus perfect!! u guys sooo much...n yeaaa..gonna miss him like crazy!!

jona said...

well well well ... tat was the most sweetest poem i've read... (includin the previous one) ...
thank u so much shu ... cud neva xpress it like u do .. sumtimes im speechless (like i was after i read both the poems ) ...
mwaah... missin u loads...
hugs to the gang... missin u too ...
wish i cud bring u all to london cuz its all in the JIGSAW babe... :)

shuuuu said...

hrheheheh thankss mary :)... heheh it is still a lousy attempt though :).. muaahh hugs babe ... yes yes wwe are alll missing him

shuuuu said...

to jon :).... hmmmmm yayyyy u liked the poem nice ..... heheh hmmm abbba speechlesss anta .... blooodyyy liarrr boy .... :)... anywayyy take care we miss u tooo .. the INDIAN BRIGADE ... thats what we call ourselves misses u and yess u pay for the ticket we will come to london ..then to jugsaw what .. puzzle technology after increasing also wont stop us ....... heheheheheh :P.. take care BRITISHER boy .. muaahhh

Sana said...

damn cute!!...sweet...sounded so london ! :P
nice one shu ! keep em coming ;)

shuuuu said...

hehehheehh thankss sanaa ... :)... heheh it had to soundd london .... it is ENGLAND AAAH u see :P... heheheheh

chalce said...

nevr knew some1 who can rite so well man!!ur poems r jus tooooooo teach me the art of writing like you do :)

shuuuu said...

heheh heyy who ever this is :)... thaankk u sooo much ... heheheh gladd u think my poemss r goood .. well i am just an amateur in the art of poetry :)... but still THANKSSSSSSSSS *grinss widely*

shuuuu said...

to chalceee ....... viniii girlll i know it is u .. sorryyy i dint know till jon told me
muaahhhh surelyy will teachhhhh u ... and thankk uuuu sooo muchhhh