Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some random stupid facts :P

I dunno why I am calling them facts just needed to spice my blog a little :P dats why

• Hmmm ok don’t ever drink froooti after eating bondaa with oil loadedness :P… they both will taste bad

• Somehow the flow of buses that go to college seems most when u r in a CAR…(Murphy u r god :P)

• A boy who tells you ur hair looks good can mean two things .1 it looks good… 2. I don’t like u and u have some dirty leaf with a purugu in ur hair but I don’t care (out of experience speaks I )

• When given a time to someone STICK TO IT …. Or all dat u will get to eat will be 1 roti and the end of the dal in the vessel :P

• Never let 2 diffferent groups of friends ever meet because they will both end up TORTURING U …..

• If in doubt on how to download a software .. always call JON :P….

• Surprising someone when they least expect it .. not only gets u a chocolate but u get a free drop home :P…

• Don’t ever forget to carry perfume when u know u r gonna be travelling in a bus with smelly people

• If a boy is done with iftar prayers and foood… don’t expect him not to eat again … always order more :P(huz huz huz :P:P:P)….

• If u are ticklish don’t telll people THAT …..

• If u r hungryyy ur mood will show it (ask me )

• Subwayyyyyy will always be the answerrrr tooo all ur hunger pangs (ask me again

• Don’t keep begging mom for anything .. aks once hint it subtlely (wink wink).. u never know one day out of the blue … she will give u permission:):)……

• Americas funniest videos and takeshis castle are therapeutic …… man they really are

• If u think u need a break and u need some coke float GO FOR IT

• Don’t underestimate the power of a short person …. (sana :P)

• If a guy is hungry …. Keep a lot of cash ready :P….

And in the end …. Hugs are the answer to all problems:):):).. :)


jona said...

"• If u r hungryyy ur mood will show it (ask me )"

hehe tat is so true bout u... :p
girl u get crazy ... i kno better... :p

nice post on the whole... some facts are tru... some false... hence they aint facts... esp the one bout ur hair

shuuuu said...

shut up .. jon .. i dont get crazyyyy .... that day i hadnt eaten ok .... stupiddd .... and thank u ... we know why u dont like the hair post :P..... :P....

mary said...

thats such a cute post!! :) :) :) mwah

... said...

Long live subway!(veggie delight):P

nids!!! said...

hehehe! ammmaa! cute post!!! crazy woman!!! lots of them are true!! subway!! ask me also! :P boy hungry! again ask me also! :P :P ummmaaahhh!

shuuuu said...

heheh to maryyyy thank u thank u :):)

shuuuu said...

to vin :)... yes yess alwaysss SUBWAYYY RULESSSSSSs

shuuuu said...

to nidss ... crazyy is crazyy writess .. heheheheh yaayy i know ma u r my partnerr subwayyyy partnerrr boy eaterrr person :P:P:P.... hahahah dat dint make sense but u understoood :P:P

Sana said...

ammah ! i m there in the post ! yay ! :D

Sana said...

quite an observatory list i must say
GOOD JOB ! *pats back*

shuuuu said...

heheheh thankss sanaaaaaaa :)... *takes pat on back and grins*