Saturday, May 2, 2009


i love a man who can open the door ,
i love a man who smiles ,
i love a man who can stop to let u go ..,
i dont just love him i actually pine :P

i love the way he talks to u ,
showering all the respect he's got ,
i love the way he will stop to say ,
"good day"...gee what a wonderful thought,

i love how he can bring you a glass,
and fill it and fill it some more ,
when u feel tipsy and unstable within,
he doesnt mind taking u to the door ,

i love a man who isnt boring,
and definately isnt proud and airy,
i love a man who can make u feel good ,
even when u r arms are hairy :P

i love a man who can fight for the bill,
making his duty to pay ,
i love a man who ooozes of being rugged,
and definately not being gay

i love a man who can pull my chair out ,
kiss my hand and make me go red ,
oh before i forget let me just say this,
somehow CHIVALRY isnt DEAD :)


Jonathan said...

mmm .. well .. cant think of what to say .. but that its well written ...
been quite a long time since u blogged ...
... anyways... nice it is ...
chivalry eh? ... :)

D!! said...

what a lovley thought aishu!! Chivalry is not dead!!..but it is endangered!! it!..what a way to get rid of the block!!..ummaah!!

shuuuu said...

to jonathan..... yes chivalry ...too many chivalrous experiences got me writing .. and thannkkkss

shuuuu said...

to D :)thankuuuuuuuu ... heheheh it most definately isnt endangered in the army :)..... hehhehe :).. muaaaaahhhh

Srinidhi said...

Chivalry!!!! its true! :) how almost dead it is! :) but we have our rare experiences that make us LOVE chivalry all over again! :)
p.s introduce me to the ones that reminded u that its not dead! :p

so wonderfully written!! love the thought process but love even more how it flows so nicely! :)nice one babe! keep pulling an aishu (this one is in reference to writing well :p not the other side! :p)
muuaaahh!! :*

shuuuu said...

lol .. hehehehh pulling an aishu kathe :P... heheh how adorable r u .. and yes maam i will introducee .. first u come to kolkata *wink wink* .... grrrrrr i loveedd it there :P... hehehehehheh muaah thanks weedy :)..

mary said...

show me a man like that and ill jus marry him without a 2nd thought! re like that dont exist!...real nice post btw!..loved it!

shuuuu said...

mary u shudve come to kolkata :) .... men like that i met and lived with :):):) ....... hehehheh so cute they were and thanks doll

pinky said...

aishu pillaaaaaaa!after reading this one all i can say is do you manage to say it all so beautifully..!?!i can only think of all this but could have never ever been able to put it into words...luv u girl!!!n definitely looooooooove all the chivalry!!!mmmmuuuaaaaaaaaaaahh!

divya rani said...

Very well said:)

Vineeta said...

Loved this one baby! Wouldn't we all wanna have one of those kinds??? And with all of those qualities....and oh they're so rare!

Love ya! :* :* :*

shuuuu said...

to vinnie :) hehehehehe yes yes we all dream of men like that :) ... and its funny but i met 2 of them :) ..... on my trip to kolkata .... i wudve asked the younger one to marry me but i thought against it :P:P

love u vinnniiieeeee