Monday, May 23, 2011

Of fools and more

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do-Benjamin Franklin ..

I used to have a inspirational quotes poster stuck in my room and this quote has always had a funny effect on me . It wasn't too long ago I came to live alone ..not too far away from home , but far enough . Made friends ,met people and most importantly watched them (read-not like a stalker). Each sapien's company I had the pleasure of being in, either disproved this quote for me or nailed it on the head .There were situations that brought out the fool in people , some conversations did( I am sure a lot of mine would've made me look like a complete idiot , but let us not go there:P ) ,a couple of beer's or maybe even over lunch .What stood out in this crowd were not the wise ,but actually the lesser fool .The one who could control what he had to say , complain lesser and work more and give things a chance . Quite surprisingly there were a lot like that ,some who came knowing they should try and be the lesser fool and the others who were learning .

I was learning,I still am .

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Srinidhi said...

to learning to get up when we fall. To understanding our foolish selves and other fools. :) Cheers!!

Well written :)