Saturday, August 6, 2011

Musica para el alma

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music-Aldous Huxley

One tabla, a sitar and a man's nectar like voice, all making love to a note. The lyrics, their aphrodisiac. Silence before they start and the grand finale high. My music sense stopped at just being able to appreciate good music. Much as I would've liked, it did not budge from there to my voice box. I am not vocally challenged, and so what if I am. That hasn't stopped me from loving Elvis or singing Adele. My music palette has tasted everything from Metal to Reggae, they were just an adventurous order from the menu I think. But, we all have a favourite dish, I found mine.

To listen to Abida Parveen, Nusrath, Rahat and Bulle Shah's lyrics all wrapped beautifully with just the right amount of instrument, aaah, Peace. Its like the perfect Lasagna-Cheese,Pasta and just the amount of tomato sauce to make your existence worth it.

Sufi is my happy place. I fall back on Sufi to fall asleep after a hard days work, to stay awake as I rethink my decisions and to just sing with. It isn't just the music, its the voice, those words, the pitch blending together perfectly like the colours of the rainbow. No particular demarcation but you can point them all out.


T.M.Naresh said...

Absolute beauty... only a true
music lover can write with so much of passion and the way you connected music with tasty food quite a talent you are huh!? i could relate and enjoy what you wrote.
one word to describe lastly- MELODIOUS POST!

shuuuu said...

Thanks Naresh :):):)