Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I wonder what causes this wanderlust

Is it the smell of a place five minutes after you reach?
Or being greeted in an unknown language
Maybe it is the wafting aroma of a meal made in a different kitchen 
Could it be moving to foreign music
Or is it getting high on a local brew
How about finding the famous market
Even bargaining your way through. 
I have a feeling it is the people
Animals included too 
Do hills cause this feeling?
Or waves reaching the shore 
Is it a sunset you watch in silence 
Counting the stars? 1,2,3,4?
How about the words you learn from the locals,
Or learning new games as the children play,
Could it be the vehicles you take to commute
or fellow passengers along the way? 
Oh! I don't think I shall ever find,
what causes this crazy feeling
I have been infected now
and only travel can be my healing. 

1 comment:

T.M.Naresh said...

Beautiful writing.Even i have this lust for wandering.Aimlessly,just exploring the unknown helps to look life from a different perspective and yes new people and new culture is always exiting!