Friday, April 18, 2014

Follow you

The phone moved almost to the edge of the table. 
His face was a silhouette in that fluorescent glow.
Was this love? She didn't know.
But it was fun. 

"Where are you?"His phone beeped.
He watched her move.
She was beautiful. 

"What are you doing in a motel?"
The messages didn't stop,
neither did he. 

"I am coming to pick you up. Dad is angry."
She pushed the phone off the table with one hand,
the other was holding on to him. 

It was hot! 
Not just the temperature, 
everything else too. 

The door knocked.
They banged.

The door slammed open. 
He fell off the bed,
but she wasn't done. 

Damned technology ruined everything.
They found out too soon
and he had taken too long.

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