Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Fall

Have you taken that leap of faith ,
into the hands of the universe,
praying the fall is soft ,
and the bruises not too sore,
Did you jump off ,
knowing what to expect, 
or you let the mystery linger?
the sweet taste of fear, 
and that trickle of excited sweat,
telling you to hold on ,to that one last strand of hope,
questioning your decision,
and wondering if you could go back to that cliff,
stranded halfway , free falling and losing control ,
you breathe hard and say WHAT THE HELL !!
i have one shot at this,
lets start flapping hard,
or looking for Clark Kent and his cape,
giving up the fantasy,
you make the umbrella your parachute,
and land on a soft patch of grass .
out of breath and exhilarated, 
you look back at that cliff ,
and it doesn't seem that big now,
like every hard time that passed,
you just needed  that moment,
that moment to JUMP OFF :) ...


Srinidhi said...

Sometimes you just need the courage to take that leap of faith. :)

Love the last lines. Very apt in my life right now :)

shuuuu said...

:):) Weedy.. just jump... its ok u will get bruised but the jump will always be worth it