Monday, November 7, 2011


Shlokas from my pious neighbours house
she hums while packing lunch
it continues for a short bit
but chores take over
listen carefully, its calming.
I hear those sounds coming from the street
friendly banter and some pleasantries
listen carefully, its fun.
The auto guy loves his new speakers
I might go deaf by the end of this ride
but I listen, its loud.
The office is quiet
there are ratings to beat
but you catch a tune from a jolly coworker
listen carefully, its happy.
The day's over and I'm on my way back
some have plans, the other are impromptu
movie, some food and a smooth drink
listen carefully, its pleasing.
Back in my room
barely lit and in a mess
I fall on my bed,tired
I listen carefully, its nothing.

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