Monday, November 7, 2011

This one time :)

This one time , give me a chance
to choose what i want to do ,
leave me alone and watch me leap, 
Don't lift me up ,
just watch from the side and keep your arms open ,
if I need a hug ..I will ask,
Let me fall in love ,
with a man who makes me happy,
who doesn't protect me but  still protects,
I will find that man ..hopefully , 
This one time , i will wander in a crowd
If I am lonely .. I will walk back to where you dropped me off ,
Smile and tell you I was still lonely ,
This one time .. give me the cash ,
I will lose some, lend, borrow and owe,
there will come a time when i will earn my own ,
When i do ..I will tell you it's much harder when it's your own money,
and suddenly it dawns on me ..
I have to give myself that chance..
This one time .. it's about ME ..:)

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